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Fiverr research suggests that 42% of SMEs believe freelancers are more productive than regular staff. Deploying freelancers in the right places can boost your quality and output.

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Tell freelancers exactly what you need and keep your communication open. Problems are much less likely if you do that.

Joycelyn Mate and Rachael Corson – Afrocenchix

"Give context. Explaining how the freelancer’s work fits into the bigger picture can result in greater buy-in and better results."

Alex Boyce – Fuzey

"Trust your freelancers’ expertise – you hired them for a reason. And always pay them on time. They also have bills to pay."

Gaynor Humphrey – Best Years Ltd

Connect with vetted, on-demand freelancers.

On-site teams are a thing of the past. Learn how the shift toward remote work may be the key to your business growth. Fiverr Business connects you with expert freelancers providing digital services in over 500 categories.


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